Partnership between GGD Haaglanden and The Hague University of Applied Sciences in ‘Living Lab’

Collaboration offers an opportunity to combine knowledge and expertise.

Have fun cycling and meeting colleagues

An ideal way to meet colleagues from other universities of applied sciences.

Players‘ agent talks about sports ethics

A peek into the world of elite sports

Prize for Mobility Resource Centre

Lending mobility equipment to people with a disability is a perfect example of inclusion.

Two weeks of Zuiderpark Sports Campus

The Zuiderpark Sports Campus is brimming with development, a place where sports organisations, senior secondary vocational education and universities of applied sciences can interact on a daily basis.

Zuiderpark Sports Campus opened to all

It was an exciting day full of activities when the Zuiderpark Sports Campus welcomed neighbours and other people.

Official opening of Zuiderpark Sports Campus

‘How will we benefit from the Zuiderpark Sports Campus? Since it gives us the possibility to train effectively, we’re sure to win gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo!’