Are my demands causing burnouts among students?

editors asked blogger Karel to write a book review; this is the result.

‘Students with loans suffer from more stress and pressure to perform’

Study into the relationship between student wellbeing and the loan system.

10 tips to make it through Blue Monday

Check these tips provided by our student psychologists.

Waiting times for student psychologist brought down

The team of psychologists has been expanded.

Reducing flexible work in universities of applied sciences is proving difficult

The participation councils, who have to vote on this, do not have enough expertise, says their association.

When you feel stress in the pit of your stomach

Karel is blogging this time about workload and how to deal with it.

New CLA: higher pay, less flexitime

The Economics degree programmes are especially popular at universities of applied sciences.

Free speech

Censorship doesn’t belong in our academic environment: here, you should be allowed to express politically incorrect opinions, and it should be possible to conduct a heated debate. However, this culture of debate should rest on a foundation of respect.