What is my university of applied sciences diploma really worth?

Anastasiya feels cheated: her university of applied sciences diploma gives very limited access to research university education.

Minor about the promise of blockchain

Companies, officials and students: everyone is interested in blockchain.

Involvement of Delft civil servants motivates students

The Get Acquainted City Deal stimulates the collaboration between cities and knowledge institutions.

“Growth is encouraged here”

A student enjoyed an orientation day with the director of EK&C.

The 2019 Minors Market: what will you choose?

Choosing is hard, but you will get a good overview at the Minors Market.

5 Tips for making the most of your Open Day

Prepare by watching the video starring Cheyenne and Jakob.

Starting over-again

Phyllis feels like a little kid on the night before her first day of school.

‘Students with loans suffer from more stress and pressure to perform’

Study into the relationship between student wellbeing and the loan system.

Failure is a step towards success

Students have to get out of the mindset of ‘I’m doing this for you because it is your subject’.