A small sphere to resolve a huge global problem

“When you think in solutions, you can make a difference.”

How about a student korfball club?

“We are always open to new ideas and like to think proactively about how we can support as many good initiatives as possible on the campus.”

Training ‘Do it today’

Enough to do, but first…you procrastinate.

Tips for taking a minor abroad

“Step out of your comfort zone. You will find out that the world has so much more to offer than you have discovered so far.”

THUAS implements IKUDU

The project is aimed at online collaboration between students in South Africa and four European countries.

Rutte defends student loan system in the Senate

Implemented in September 2015, the loan system has been continuously under fire.

Students’ purchasing power keeps decreasing: “Freeze tuition fees”

The Dutch National Student Association (ISO) predicts that the purchasing power of students will decrease again next year.

Modified student survey is reliable according to Statistics Netherlands

The National Student Survey has been presented today after extensive modification.

Analysis: Sometimes students of primary school teaching programmes (PABO) need more time

Why shouldn’t primary teacher training programmes last for five years?

Governing parties say barriers to primary school teacher training should be removed

According to the governing parties, it needs to become easier to start primary school teacher training.