Student housing shortage far from over

Today, students are living at home for longer. However, despite the drop the housing shortage persists.

‘The Formula Cruisers creates a powerful learning environment’

“We give students the (final) responsibility for the outcome. In return they have the freedom to plan their own processes.”

Students call for a mini waste centre at elementary school

“During this project you get a taste of what it would be like to have a real job. Including some stressful days which is only to be expected.”

PEETS Project awarded prize for teaching excellence

Furthermore, students are forced out of their comfort zones and have to work together under pressure, communicate, solve problems, be flexible and demonstrate their ability to adapt.

Greater market freedom for restaurants offering home delivery

The four students get a good feeling when they reflect on this project. They showed that their studies at the university of applied sciences are also relevant for small business owners.

Thinking like a criminal

Money laundering on the internet. Cybercriminals keep finding more ingenious ways of remaining hidden from the investigative agencies.

Cyber crime and organisational culture

Organisations and SMEs often don’t believe they will be the victim of a cyber crime. But are they right?

Studying beats sunbathing

The Hague Summer School welcomed students from all over the world, to work on global challenges and at the same time explore the city.

5 tips to have a great introduction week

5 tips to have a great introduction week

Learning to surf

5 tips from Marketing student and surfer Pepijn Tigges