How about a student korfball club?

“We are always open to new ideas and like to think proactively about how we can support as many good initiatives as possible on the campus.”

Around 58,000 students are still owed a refund for public transportation

Tens of thousands of students who wrongfully paid for their ride on a bus, tram or metro this summer, didn’t claim their refund from a ticket machine.

Solving technical puzzles in Bucharest

“The Netherlands is known as a pioneer and expert in Cyber Security. But to be honest, this competition made it clear that we were outcompeted by many other countries.”

A new catering concept for THUAS

“It has to be a place that offers a responsible, varied and tasty selection. A place where we can combine eating and drinking with connecting, meeting and networking.”

New study confirms that students suffer from stress

A new study conducted at the University of Twente confirms that many students struggle with stress and symptoms of depression.

Four students work for The Flower Family

Jos van Beuningen feels that the four young people have carried out extremely useful work for The Flower Family. “They also found it educational to do this kind of research for real.”

Student housing shortage far from over

Today, students are living at home for longer. However, despite the drop the housing shortage persists.

‘The Formula Cruisers creates a powerful learning environment’

“We give students the (final) responsibility for the outcome. In return they have the freedom to plan their own processes.”

Students call for a mini waste centre at elementary school

“During this project you get a taste of what it would be like to have a real job. Including some stressful days which is only to be expected.”

PEETS Project awarded prize for teaching excellence

Furthermore, students are forced out of their comfort zones and have to work together under pressure, communicate, solve problems, be flexible and demonstrate their ability to adapt.