I am a reservist!

Cooking around the world: Valentin’s flammenkueche

Favourite recipe of alumnus Josephine Gommans.

Cooking around the world: Josephine’s pilau

Favourite recipe of alumnus Josephine Gommans.

How many credits is your happiness worth?

Floris learns about happiness.

Moving around in your social life

Montana Sazias took a gap year before starting European Studies. This academic year she is blogging about her experiences as a first-year student at THUAS.

Not a party animal and yet a volunteer for Connected

Two volunteers tell us why they are volunteers for Connected.

Are my demands causing burnouts among students?

editors asked blogger Karel to write a book review; this is the result.

Starting over-again

Phyllis feels like a little kid on the night before her first day of school.

Brilliant time in Denver

Guest blogger Hilde Eggers studied in Denver for a semester.

Invest in yourself

Floris is thinking ahead.