Student wellness study: wait and see or get to work?

Upon the request of Parliament, they will create a quantitative benchmark to assess the psychological problems of students.

New residential tower is the start of a green and safe city campus

Our ultimate goal is that students no longer sit alone in their room. We want the students to connect, with each other, the university of applied sciences and with the campus.

I am a reservist!

Cooking around the world: Valentin’s flammenkueche

Favourite recipe of alumnus Josephine Gommans.

Cooking around the world: Josephine’s pilau

Favourite recipe of alumnus Josephine Gommans.

How many credits is your happiness worth?

Floris learns about happiness.

Moving around in your social life

Montana Sazias took a gap year before starting European Studies. This academic year she is blogging about her experiences as a first-year student at THUAS.

Not a party animal and yet a volunteer for Connected

Two volunteers tell us why they are volunteers for Connected.

Are my demands causing burnouts among students?

editors asked blogger Karel to write a book review; this is the result.