Up close and personal during the Participation Podcast

“It only takes one person to take the step to share his or her story to inspire others to do the same.”

A small sphere to resolve a huge global problem

“When you think in solutions, you can make a difference.”

Spread the air travel shame

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of taking the time for a beautiful trip?

Participation staff member HRM great success

“You know that as a department you are contributing to a better society. It greatly enriches your outlook on life.”

An energy boost: THUAS wins both first and fourth place

“Then we have saved as much energy in one year as 807 households consume in one year.”

Sustainability Day

On 10-10, a long-nurtured ambition of the Spatial Planning/Climate & Management degree programme finally came to fruition.

Scholarships for refugees

The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses is making three scholarships available for refugees.

Opinion piece: Beccaria, one of the most important scholars of all time

Simon Burgers: ‘Wouldn’t it be great to rename our Auditorium “the Cesare Beccaria Auditorium”?’