Future-Proof Retail: a new form of learning for retailers and students

Enthusiasm for a new ecosystem of learning aimed at retailers and students.

Retailers not concerned about cyber crime

Research group studied the SME sector’s capacity to protect itself against cyber crime.

Minor leads to game app in Play Store

In the minor Usable App Development a group of students developed a cyber safety game app.

Minister: ‘Open access is not a done deal’

Significant hurdles must be overcome to achieve open access by 2020.

Students are pleased the Inclusive Education research group commissioned their research

Research into support networks at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Spotlight on lesser known aspects of the UN

New appointed professor Alanna ‘O Malley will set up and lead the research group UN Studies: Peace and Justice.

Earning money from sandpits

Lunchtime lecture – the energy transition is over

Solving disputes out of court

Introducing our new professor Barabara Warwas.

Optimal wheelchair with wheelchair ergometer

For training wheelchair skills, feedback on manoeuvring a wheelchair and measuring performances of wheelchair athletes.

Researchers learn practical skills

What’s the best way to apply for a grant? What’s the secret to good project management?