Book presentation and conference ‘Places of hope and change’

Places of hope and change are those places where community members are developing their own social initiatives.

New research group will study the value of sport in the Hague neighbourhoods

“I believe it’s important to connect people to their community through sports. That is my main focus for this research group.”

Quick test for motor skills

“Because the foundations of motor skills are laid in primary education.”

Symposium about inclusivity: this matters to all of us

“Inclusivity matters to all of us. To students, lecturers, support staff members and services. We have to do it all together.”

Despite the workload, university of applied sciences staff members are more satisfied at work

Of all the surveyed staff members, 28% stated they are able to give the best of themselves.

Results from the HBO-Monitor 2018

The results provide insight into the labour market position of graduates and the level of satisfaction with the degree programmes.

Future-Proof Retail: a new form of learning for retailers and students

Enthusiasm for a new ecosystem of learning aimed at retailers and students.

Retailers not concerned about cyber crime

Research group studied the SME sector’s capacity to protect itself against cyber crime.

Minor leads to game app in Play Store

In the minor Usable App Development a group of students developed a cyber safety game app.

Minister: ‘Open access is not a done deal’

Significant hurdles must be overcome to achieve open access by 2020.