Mendeltje van Keulen: “What does European cooperation mean for your future?”

On 27 January CREUVENT will be held at THUAS: an active event where researchers and students discuss Europe.

“At the ABC minor, we dare to be different and people appreciate that”

“A boost for anyone who would like to experiment within our university of applied sciences.”

Mission Zero Centre of Expertise launches new coin

The Mission Zero Coin is causing quite a stir in the monetary economy of the university of applied sciences.

The exercise floor: a great step towards making toddlers more active throughout the day

Many children don’t exercise as much as they should for their health.

Ultimately, we are human

Our 21st century world is a world of accelerating technological developments, such as digitalisation, robotisation and a constant battle for data.

Book presentation and conference ‘Places of hope and change’

Places of hope and change are those places where community members are developing their own social initiatives.

Symposium about inclusivity: this matters to all of us

“Inclusivity matters to all of us. To students, lecturers, support staff members and services. We have to do it all together.”

Minor leads to game app in Play Store

In the minor Usable App Development a group of students developed a cyber safety game app.

Grip on Europe

New professor: “ Look at what Europe means strategically for your organisation.”