THUAS throws itself in the Institutional audit on quality assurance

The time seems ripe for The Hague University of Applied Sciences to attain the ITK accreditation.

What would you do with 70 million?

Metten will write a blog about quality this year.

5 ambitions for the new academic year

Our education should focus on talents, not shortcomings. This is not all about teaching, rather it is about learning.

The Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders will be limited to giving out ‘satisfactories’

Soon, the NVAO (the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders) will only be able to say whether a degree programme is good enough or not.

Moving forward and upward

‘Fellow members of the Staff and Student Councils, what have you actually achieved?’

How can the Staff and Student Councils at universities of applied sciences have a greater impact on the national level?

Two-year degree programmes at universities of applied sciences: don’t worry, we’re going to monitor them

Monitoring the associate degree programmes

Fruity Participation Awards presented for the ease of contacting Staff and Student Councils online

THUAS holds one of the Gebakken Peer Awards.

Accreditation results may remain behind closed doors for a while

If the Cabinet has its way, the recommendations from accreditation panels won’t have to be made public for twelve months.