Newly-designed diploma is bilingual from now on

Producing the diploma has also been made more efficient.

Internship and graduation process harmonisation

How to improve an inefficient process?

Student satisfaction as a measure of quality and success?

Data from student satisfaction survey is unreliable and inaccurate.

Institutions should be transparent about pre-investments

Transparency at THUAS: the report by The Netherlands Court of Audit has been shared with the staff and student councils.

National Student Survey keeps everyone onboard

NSE adjusts privacy policy.

Quality assurance. It’s important, right?

Metten gives practical examples of continuous improvement.

ISO: Student participation leaves something to be desired

The collaboration with the staff and student councils has proven difficult concluded the ISO.

What is quality? You tell me.

Metten is collecting ideas about quality.

Labour market experience of university of applied sciences graduates influences their evaluation of degree programmes

On average, graduates are slightly more positive about their lecturers than current students are.