Looking back on a year of self-evaluation

Should we lose sleep over the ITK?

Hearts are sinking across the Netherlands

Almost all large universities of applied sciences received a negative assessment for their plans for the resources from the student loan system.

We’re receiving a visit

Just to remind you, we will be receiving visits on two occasions from a panel of the NVAO accreditation body.

New internship and graduation process system ready for pilot

“Everything will be standardised within Back on Track. This will simplify maintenance and back office employees can easily cover for an absent colleague.”

The first outlines of Back on Track are now visible

“Since last spring the focus of Back on Track has shifted from a healthy financial situation to improving the quality.”

Institutional accreditation is a step closer

Minister Van Engelshoven is keen on the idea of allowing educational institutions to audit their own degree programmes.

Mona Lisa in the scrum?

That’s why it’s so important that we will continue to optimise our Mona Lisa.

Feedback by digital totem

The digital totem will provide direct student feedback.