‘The Formula Cruisers creates a powerful learning environment’

“We give students the (final) responsibility for the outcome. In return they have the freedom to plan their own processes.”

Thinking like a criminal

Money laundering on the internet. Cybercriminals keep finding more ingenious ways of remaining hidden from the investigative agencies.

Cyber crime and organisational culture

Organisations and SMEs often don’t believe they will be the victim of a cyber crime. But are they right?

An internship with international impact

“I’m applying the expertise I acquired during my degree programme to make a real impact. This gives me a real sense of satisfaction”.

Let’s all go outdoors

Pabo students go into nature in The Hague with school children.

Marketing students raise 6,416 euros for 3FM Serious Request: Lifeline

By organising fundraising events, students put theory into practice.

Subsidy application by students makes art accessible for the blind

‘It was fun to work on an assignment that was really used for something.’

Can you use students to solve cold cases?

Using students to solve old (murder) cases.