Making and connecting

This allows the student to become the consultant.

THUAS implements IKUDU

The project is aimed at online collaboration between students in South Africa and four European countries.

Relay #02: talking about practice-oriented education

About interactive education and how you can get “the practice” into your lesson.

Completion of project block 4; Human Kinetic Technology

On Thursday 27 June, first-year students of the Human Kinetic Technology degree programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences completed “project block 4” at Basalt.

Digitisation calls for additional training

“IT touches all aspects of our society and changes the knowledge and skills required in almost all occupations.”

The differences between universities of applied sciences and research universities are not that big

When we look at labour market access, the difference between universities of applied sciences and research universities is not as big as we tend to think.

Future-Proof Retail: a new form of learning for retailers and students

Enthusiasm for a new ecosystem of learning aimed at retailers and students.

Getting creative with sensors

Devise a practical and affordable solution for using sensors to gather data on health, lifestyle and living environments.

Police and fire brigade turn to students for help

Students work on innovative solutions for police and fire brigade.