Nutrition and Dietetics degree programme ready for the future

The Nutrition and Dietetics degree programme is launching a new, future-proof curriculum in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Collaboration between the Faculty of Social Work & Education and the University of Aruba now definite

Last week, it became official: our Faculty of Social Work & Education and the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Aruba have a cooperation contract.

Even a fine university of applied sciences has to work hard to achieve its ambitions

It’s a question that’s always on my mind: are we really changing things at THUAS?

The Institution Plan: ‘Now’s the time to take the right steps’

Three years after the start of the reorganisation, THUAS established an independent jury to assess how far we have progressed with the Institution Plan.

Will the Zuiderpark Sports Campus receive the ‘Uniek Sporten’ plaque?

‘Uniek Sporten’ is both an app and a website that makes it easy for para-athletes to find exactly the right sports facilities or sports association that meets their needs.

Social Work and Social Services students tell their story

Three first-year students in Social Work and Social Services will tell their story during the Writers Unlimited Festival in Theater Dakota on Saturday.

Care profession students visit China

The Chinese city of Suzhou has a nursing home built to look exactly like Vrederust-West in The Hague. Students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences visited both to compare how they operate.

Foodcourt has a new look

The Foodcourt (Central Restaurant) just didn’t look like it belonged to THUAS. So it was time for a makeover during the Christmas break.

Serious Request: ‘We deserved the high fives we gave each other!’

Wtudents of the Event Management minor had raised 10,050 euros for Serious Request.

Public Administration students invited to attend Dutch Bilderberg Conference

Four second-year Public Administration students who won an essay contest have been invited to attend the Dutch Bilderberg Conference organised by the VNO-NCW and will have their essays published in the Bilderberg conference publication, Het Bilderbergboek.