Minor about the promise of blockchain

Companies, officials and students: everyone is interested in blockchain.

Training for Philippine judges

Training organised by the Academy of Master’s & Professional Courses and the Faculty of Public Management, Law & Safety.

Involvement of Delft civil servants motivates students

The Get Acquainted City Deal stimulates the collaboration between cities and knowledge institutions.

“Growth is encouraged here”

A student enjoyed an orientation day with the director of EK&C.

2019 Networking Dinner: quality of education and progress

Guests discussed the opportunities and challenges for our university of Applied Sciences.

Partnership between GGD Haaglanden and The Hague University of Applied Sciences in ‘Living Lab’

Collaboration offers an opportunity to combine knowledge and expertise.

‘All your dreams will come true’

THUAS delegation pays a fruitful visit to the Spanish university

Networking dinner

We will also be testing our plans with our external partners.