Van Engelshoven defends law on Student Survey

What does the survey actually mean and what about privacy?

Mutual disdain between researchers from universities of applied sciences and research universities

Collaboration between universities of applied sciences and research universities in the area of research is far from perfect.

Students’ purchasing power keeps decreasing: “Freeze tuition fees”

The Dutch National Student Association (ISO) predicts that the purchasing power of students will decrease again next year.

Modified student survey is reliable according to Statistics Netherlands

The National Student Survey has been presented today after extensive modification.

Analysis: Sometimes students of primary school teaching programmes (PABO) need more time

Why shouldn’t primary teacher training programmes last for five years?

One step closer to a mandatory National Student Survey

Research universities and universities of applied sciences will soon have to participate in the National Student Survey, whether they want to or not.

Hoekstra saddles the next government with cutbacks in higher education

“Remember those 226 million euros in cutbacks in higher education? That’s still far into the future and a next government can scratch those if they wish.”

Where are the cutbacks in higher education coming from?

In the distant future, research universities and universities of applied sciences will need to give up 226 million euros because students will not be paying higher interest rates on their student loans.

Also funding for multi-year HBO master

Minister Van Engelshoven commissioned a study to see how the BSA works in practice. It appears that institutions’ policies differ greatly.

Institutional accreditation is a step closer

Minister Van Engelshoven is keen on the idea of allowing educational institutions to audit their own degree programmes.