Lower dropout rates at universities of applied sciences

According to new figures from the Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, first-year students attending these schools aren’t throwing in the towel as often as they used to.

National Student Law Office: ‘Allow dismissed second-year students back in straightaway’

It takes months before wrongfully dismissed students can resume their degree programme.

LSVb opens Museum of Budget Cuts to Education

Two weeks from now, the Dutch National Student Union (LSVb) will hold a demonstration in The Hague at which they will open a Museum of Budget Cuts to Education to show how much things have to change.

Public transport fine: only if you really travel

In 2018, students will no longer be fined for an expired student travel card unless they actually use it. This was decided yesterday by the Lower House.

PvdA and VVD: fine rack renters

The two governing political parties think housing owners who charge too much rent should be dealt with more harshly. As it stands now, they can overcharge and simply get away with it.