Universities don’t offer enough transition courses for university of applied sciences students

Educational Inspectorate conducted a study.

LSVb is looking for the best thesis about higher education

Award must prevent interesting theses from landing in a drawer.

Students cross about higher interest

“The government is plunging students further into debt.”

Minister: don’t be brushed off by board members

Future participation council members are being prepared for their new positions

LSVb and ISO choose new executive committees

The change to the committees will take officially place in June.

‘Happy new year, preferably without Performance agreements’

The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences criticises ministry’s tendency for control.

Student leaders look back

Jarmo Berkhout, Chairman of the LSVb, and Jan Sinnige, Chairman of the ISO, look back on their year of defending the interests of students.

Results of the student loan system: even fewer MBO students entering higher education

MBO students have more fear of loans. This is often a reason for them not to go on to higher education at all.

‘Let the Dutch Inspectorate of Education keep an eye on the basic grant money’

Students no longer receive a basic grant, so they want something in return.

Property owners angry with LSVb

Vastgoed Belang: the survey conducted by the Dutch National Student Union (LSVb) into the high rents for student rooms is ‘biased, not representative and seriously exaggerated.’