Fietsen doe je samen tijdens de HBO Fietstocht!

Vrijdag 25 augustus 2017 hebben collegae van alle Nederlandse Hogescholen deelgenomen aan de jaarlijkse HBO Fietstocht.

Academic success and what we can learn from primary schools

‘At the start of the academic year, I can immediately tell which students will pass my course and which ones won’t,’ claimed a lecturer last week during one of my meetings with 100 lecturers. Another lecturer was irritated by this.

How ICT-proficient is THUAS?

This week is Video in Education Week. What better time to talk about how THUAS is faring when it comes to ICT in education?

Creating a united The Hague University of Applied Sciences requires focus

‘We are one but we’re not the same.’ This line from U2 also applies to The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

The Foundation Course Didactic Competence is still evolving

Lecturers teaching at universities of applied sciences who do not yet have their didactic competence certification are required to take the Foundation Course Didactic Competence (BDB).

Work sessions for the Degree Programme Advisory Committees: what’s needed for their future versions?

The Improved Governance Act states that Degree Programme Advisory Committees will join Staff and Student Councils in co-determination activities at the start of the next academic year. This means that the OCs will get the right to endorse decisions regarding parts of the Education and Examination Rules and Regulations and will play a greater role in the evaluation of their degree programme.