Reducing flexible work in universities of applied sciences is proving difficult

The participation councils, who have to vote on this, do not have enough expertise, says their association.

Utrecht gives four-year contracts to temporary lecturers

Executive board of Utrecht University anticipates greater job security and reduced workloads.

“Teaching an international classroom is more than simply teaching in English”

“Although TILT has been a pilot, it wasn’t just a lucky shot”

The HBO Cycling Tour: we did it as a team!

On Friday, 25 August 2017, colleagues from all the Dutch universities of applied sciences took part in the annual HBO Cycling Tour.

New research group arms SME sector in its battle against cybercrime

The Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR) and The Hague University of Applied Sciences are establishing the Research Group for Cybersecurity in the SME Sector.

“IT Forum to take pressure off Facilities & IT“

At the beginning of the next academic year, students and staff can start contacting the IT Forum on the intranet for any complaints or ideas relating to IT.

Collaboration between the Faculty of Social Work & Education and the University of Aruba now definite

Last week, it became official: our Faculty of Social Work & Education and the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Aruba have a cooperation contract.

Teacher salaries: Minister Bussemaker refuses to check the box

The PvdA ministers are only willing to agree to the new state budget if it includes a raise in teacher salaries.

THUAS supports the Caribbean with a donation of furniture

Caraïbisch Nederland, a project group organised by the Faculty of Social Work & Education, thought that our school’s old furniture deserved a second life.