A semester in China

Guest blogger Casper Verschoor talks about his exchange in China.

Approaches to the radicalisation of students vary according to country

Higher education exchanges ideas at the European level in the Radicalisation Awareness Network.

Grip on the future

Which IT innovations will be important for marketing and sales in the coming time?

Festival aimed at getting categories of students better acquainted

Students enrolled in programmes at universities (WO), universities of applied sciences (HBO) and senior secondary vocational education(MBO) know about each other but don’t usually interact.

‘Fellow members of the Staff and Student Councils, what have you actually achieved?’

How can the Staff and Student Councils at universities of applied sciences have a greater impact on the national level?

SKE turns lecturers back into students

Lecturers and staff who are involved in examination policy can obtain the Senior Examination Qualification certificate.

Applying cross-learning in times of peace and conflict

A cross-learning project: an innovative method teaches IPM students about various specialisms in their field while acquiring experience in them at the same time.

A successful study trip: Public Administration students visit Brussels and Paris (a travel report)

Travel report from the UNESCO Headquarters to the Atelier Néerlandais in Paris.