Making and connecting

This allows the student to become the consultant.

Is the library full? WE HEAR YOU!

It pays to make your voice heard.

Mendeltje van Keulen: “What does European cooperation mean for your future?”

On 27 January CREUVENT will be held at THUAS: an active event where researchers and students discuss Europe.

Radical intimacy at THiNK FeST

Honest revelations that were like a window into their soul. Doubts, uncertainties, trying to find yourself again.

Solving technical puzzles in Bucharest

“The Netherlands is known as a pioneer and expert in Cyber Security. But to be honest, this competition made it clear that we were outcompeted by many other countries.”

Back on Track Education Schedule programme takes stock

“We had to deal with some critical issues and we aren’t quite there yet, but people trust the overall process.”

Faculty Office and Education: Stronger Together

Faculty Offices like to work together with degree programmes, so it’s ideal when a team leader is active in both areas.

Minor in Applied Data Science conducts pioneering research

How can you use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the diagnosis of shoulder pain?

Pilot for Internship and Graduation Process Ready to Start

“It’s quite an investment, but the results will be worth it.”

Inaugural lecture by Energy in Transition professor – Back to the Future

“We need to take action now, otherwise we will literally be up to our necks in water.”