Just a moment with Jason Stewart

Looking back, I regret the fact that I was trying to be like Brad Pitt more than the fact that I told her I loved her.

Just a moment with Viridiana Yunes Valle

“Life is better here. It’s a safe country with a different mindset.”

Just a moment with Gijs Brandenburg

“I think most of us feel quite safe in the Netherlands, but there are significant risks, especially digital.”

Just a Moment with Heeju Byun

“Like others have an American dream, I have a Dutch dream!”

Just a Moment with Sanne Brand

“She is a real buddy and listens very well to me. When I hold out my hand she comes right away.”

Just a moment with Connie Dock

“College wasn’t really discussed in my family when I was growing up.”

Just a moment with Claudia Bulnes

Learning, discovering and understanding different cultures has made my life a lot richer.

Just a moment with Mbaimbai Fhatuwani Moses (2/2)

“If that means I can help the community, I have found my dream job”

Just a moment with Mbaimbai Fhatuwani Moses (1/2)

“The name of my village means “People who live from the land””

Just a moment with Vilius Pakalniskis

“If there is a problem, there is a solution. In the end, it will get better.”