Mendeltje van Keulen: “What does European cooperation mean for your future?”

On 27 January CREUVENT will be held at THUAS: an active event where researchers and students discuss Europe.

A small sphere to resolve a huge global problem

“When you think in solutions, you can make a difference.”

Methinks we doth protest too much

We also need to pay a lot more attention to another group of protesters who aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Tips for taking a minor abroad

“Step out of your comfort zone. You will find out that the world has so much more to offer than you have discovered so far.”

THUAS implements IKUDU

The project is aimed at online collaboration between students in South Africa and four European countries.

Choose your own adventure

It shouldn’t be about an arbitrary idea of what’s better but about what’s better for YOU.

The M&O annual day: an interactive experiment

“But without the staff members it’s very difficult to adequately achieve the objectives of the annual plan.”

Don’t look back in anger

It’s so repetitive and predictable that I actually wrote this blog a year ago and only had to change a few words to use it this week

Studying beats sunbathing

The Hague Summer School welcomed students from all over the world, to work on global challenges and at the same time explore the city.

Educating students to be headstrong global citizens

“We want to make students aware of who they are and what they want to contribute to sustainable development throughout the world.”