We’re receiving a visit

Just to remind you, we will be receiving visits on two occasions from a panel of the NVAO accreditation body.

European approach to sustainability

However, it is clear that sustainability is necessary in education and that there also needs to be continuous collaboration between the various parties involved.

Facing the future

‘Because you’ve got to figure out your own path to the future and that will also mean finding and listening to your own voice. In the end, I think that’s the most important thing.’

Flexible studies at THUAS

The rapidly changing labour market demands flexible part-time education.

Digitisation calls for additional training

“IT touches all aspects of our society and changes the knowledge and skills required in almost all occupations.”

AWTI clarifies advice on stricter selection

MPs are critical of the advice from the AWTI that research universities and universities of applied sciences should have more room to apply stricter admission requirements.

Minister: “Institutions should compete less”

Less competition and more cooperation is the new mantra according to the minister.

Minister does not support the AWTI advice about selection

Minister Van Engelshoven does not want to give institutes more room for stricter selection processes at the door.

Participation Council members join in with substantive discussions about the quality agreements

It’s official: the bill calling for an increase to the interest rate on student loans has been definitively rejected.

Advisory board argues in favour of stricter admission requirements

“Research universities and universities of applied sciences need to be given more opportunities to introduce a more rigorous selection process.”