Coffee isn’t the only thing that needs a filter

Young people need to be exposed to different opinions if they ever want to achieve adulthood.

University of Applied Sciences contributes to sustainable development

The announced investments would be very useful in the review of the funding system for higher education.

Despite the workload, university of applied sciences staff members are more satisfied at work

Of all the surveyed staff members, 28% stated they are able to give the best of themselves.

What is my university of applied sciences diploma really worth?

Anastasiya feels cheated: her university of applied sciences diploma gives very limited access to research university education.

Minor about the promise of blockchain

Companies, officials and students: everyone is interested in blockchain.

Educational Inspectorate sees increasing study success in universities of applied sciences

Annual report by the Educational Inspectorate about the state of our education.

No university of applied sciences students represented on new ISO and LSVb boards

A number of board members have studied at a university of applied sciences in the past.

Once again, more international students are enrolled at universities of applied sciences

Art degree programmes are especially popular.