Relay #02: talking about practice-oriented education

About interactive education and how you can get “the practice” into your lesson.

Changing the world starts with education

“Unesco’s educational ambition is integrated in our curriculum.”

European approach to sustainability

However, it is clear that sustainability is necessary in education and that there also needs to be continuous collaboration between the various parties involved.

Sustainable Development Goals in our education

“We are already doing a lot at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, but we don’t talk to each other very much about what we are doing exactly. It’s good to share those stories with each other.”

Opening speech of the academic year on the theme of personal growth

“We have gone through a difficult period. Now our 100-day survey shows that first-year students are more positive about our university of applied sciences than in the year before. I’m proud of that.”

Relay #01: talking about personal attention

About global citizenship, personal attention and where our energy should go.

Studying beats sunbathing

The Hague Summer School welcomed students from all over the world, to work on global challenges and at the same time explore the city.

Educating students to be headstrong global citizens

“We want to make students aware of who they are and what they want to contribute to sustainable development throughout the world.”

‘Zukunft Deutschland’ has also been noticed outside of THUAS

“Germany offers our students many opportunities. It would be unfortunate if that went unnoticed.”

Facing the future

‘Because you’ve got to figure out your own path to the future and that will also mean finding and listening to your own voice. In the end, I think that’s the most important thing.’