‘Vital Together’

Six months to greater vitality and more community connection.

Is the library full? WE HEAR YOU!

It pays to make your voice heard.

Working towards global citizenship

Working towards global citizenship entails more than just talking and debating

Relay #05: discussing Internationalisation at Home

About inclusiveness and the role of language.

A small sphere to resolve a huge global problem

“When you think in solutions, you can make a difference.”

Relay #04: talking about inclusive language

About inclusiveness and the role of language.

Tips for taking a minor abroad

“Step out of your comfort zone. You will find out that the world has so much more to offer than you have discovered so far.”

THUAS implements IKUDU

The project is aimed at online collaboration between students in South Africa and four European countries.

It’s time for something new

We achieve the best results by working together.