Do we choose too early?

Anastasiya asks herself whether we have to make school choices too early.

Dissertation about the ‘founding father of Europe’ turned into a children’s book

Children discover the ideas of the founder of the EU.

Earning money from sandpits

Lunchtime lecture – the energy transition is over

Course on global citizenship in our education

You can deal with the theme of global citizenship in every subject at THUAS.

Global citizenship: don’t wait for instructions

Would it really work if the Executive Board told you what to do with global citizenship?

Optimal wheelchair with wheelchair ergometer

For training wheelchair skills, feedback on manoeuvring a wheelchair and measuring performances of wheelchair athletes.

We are doing more about sustainability than you think

Never add your own name to the birthday calender.

Ugh, here we go again

Fady’s New Year wish: Let’s build up the Netherlands together and not break it down.

Let’s all go outdoors

Pabo students go into nature in The Hague with school children.