The amazing world of planning and scheduling….

I want all degree programmes and students at the Hague University of Applied Sciences to have stable timetables that are not subject to all kinds of changes throughout a block.

The Student Panel improves our education

A platform for students to improve education at THUAS.

“If something doesn’t feel right, don’t carry it around with you.”

Inappropriate Behaviour Confidential Advisors for students and staff.

Nomination for new external website

THUAS has been nominated for the ‘Brand’ award in the Dutch Interactive Awards.

Automats for laptops and projectors

Students and staff at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht’s Heidelberglaan location can now make use of the new vending-machine service.

Career Writing changed my life

Mijke Post, a lecturer in Facility Management, has a mission: to expand the teaching of ‘Career Writing’ within THUAS.

Update: The Hague University of Applied Sciences aims to improve lecture schedules

These past few months, The Hague University of Applied Sciences has explored ways to improve student satisfaction with the lecture and testing schedules.

Opening celebration of Nutrition and Dietetics and Process & Food Technology

The 6th and 7th floors of the Slinger, home of Nutrition and Dietetics, have undergone a complete metamorphosis.

Oversight leads to €400 public transport fine

Students are still not being properly alerted to the high fines they will have to pay if they don’t invalidate their expired student travel card.

Celebrating our emergency response officers

Monday 7 November is National Emergency Response Officer Day: a good reason to celebrate and express our appreciation for all the emergency response officers at The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Our emergency response staff provides first aid services and assists during fire and other evacuations. They render first aid and make sure, for example, that everyone has vacated the building in the event of an evacuation.

We are treating our emergency response staff to a special lunch to mark the occasion. You might also want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank them for their efforts.

Want to learn more about emergency response services at The Hague University of Applied Sciences or become an emergency response officer? Visit or send an e-mail to