Debate on clothing as disposable products

Students examine the effects of fast fashion.

Help for defenders of human rights

Performances, films and writing letters during the Writer’s Block Festival 2017.

It’s really true: your letter could free a prisoner of conscience

The Writer’s Block Festival 2017: write for prisoners of conscience.

Responsible innovation in healthcare technology

Searching for the ethics of responsible innovation in healthcare.

‘We’re all astronauts’

‘When you look at our planet from space, you become aware that we’re all astronauts on Spaceship Earth and that this spaceship has limited resources.’

Competition for the best student pub in The Hague

ACKU: Cultural Events and StudeerinDenHaag have organised a competition for the best student pub in The Hague.

CMD lecturer Leon Schröder’s ‘Naked Rotterdam’ nominated for public’s choice award in Aardig Onderweg competition

Photographer eligible for dream award for his ‘double portraits’: dressed and naked.

Win one of 3 sets of tickets for 2 for Stukafest

Interested in a set of tickets? Mail before 28 January and tell us why your room is the perfect place for a performance.

Social Work and Social Services students tell their story

Three first-year students in Social Work and Social Services will tell their story during the Writers Unlimited Festival in Theater Dakota on Saturday.

Impression and presentations of The week of Video in Education

Before the Christmas Holidays the Week of Video in Education took place. On 6 December there was a seminar about the use of video in education.