Degree Programme Advisory Committees elections: universities of applied sciences more involved than universities

Employees and students show interest in Degree Programme Advisory Committees.

Why ethnic minorities vote for the PVV

Shashi Roopram is keeping a blog about the municipal elections.

Professionalising among ethnic minority politicians

Shashi Roopram is keeping a blog about the municipal elections.

An exciting elections party marred by dark clouds

Recruitment freeze dampens the enthusiasm surrounding the success of the elections for Staff and Student Councils.

‘Yes We Can!’ The election circus: halfway through

The results of the first elections for a more empowered participation in the decision-making process weren’t bad: 68% of the seats will be filled

Co-determination: ‘If you want to change things, you should stand for election’

Lecturers Hetty van Dijk and Marjolein Baauw notice that students still aren’t that interested in the issue of participating in Staff and Student Councils.

Elections for Staff and Student Councils: ‘I want the voice of students to be heard’

Lisanne van Dijk, Eva Ballieux and Wouter Stout plan to stand as candidates for their Degree Programme Advisory Committee.

New FM ‘wing’ officially opened

Renovation of Facility Management housing offers more multifunctional spaces that align with the curriculum of the degree programme, teaching methods and communication.

Wanted: candidates for the elections

Our local elections for more than 250 seats in various Staff and Student councils are coming up.