The Student Panel improves our education

A platform for students to improve education at THUAS.

Negative coverage

Penultimate place in the Study Guide, that does not feel great when you are part of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. But don’t be downhearted!

Pity for failing students

Karel wants students to learn from their mistakes.

NSE increase for five degree programmes is reason to celebrate

PABO, IB, Architecture and Construction Engineering, PFT and Engineering Physics are all performing well.

Lower BSA or better education for less stress?

If the minister wants to tackle study stress, then lowering the BSA is a short-term political solution.

5 ambitions for the new academic year

Our education should focus on talents, not shortcomings. This is not all about teaching, rather it is about learning.

Opening of the school year, about chestnuts, filter bubbles and boring education

Reflecting on education, life and the information society.

NSE results for teacher training for primary education (Pabo) have increased attention on quality assurance

The NSE also helps us understand what is going well and why.

On Doing Academics in a Non-Traditional Way

For whatever reason you choose to do this work, own it as your own.