National Student Survey can still be saved

2019 National Student Survey (NSS) doesn’t have to go straight in the bin. The CBS still sees possibilities for rectifying the data.

The amazing world of planning and scheduling….

I want all degree programmes and students at the Hague University of Applied Sciences to have stable timetables that are not subject to all kinds of changes throughout a block.

No Flex Programme

Floris felt like a guinea pig.

The power of imagination

Social Work students research the role of meaningfulness in people’s life.

Get Rid of Those Labels: Believe In Yourself

Maurice Limmen (chair of The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, far right side) talked to students and staff members at THUAS.

Australian guest lecturer at the Skin Therapy programme

As a true story teller, she was able to impart her enthusiasm about the subject to her students.

The Student Panel improves our education

A platform for students to improve education at THUAS.