Making and connecting

This allows the student to become the consultant.

Smart society: learning by doing

“As a city we had a peek at some things that will be very normal in the future, such as digitalisation projects.”

Mission Zero Centre of Expertise launches new coin

The Mission Zero Coin is causing quite a stir in the monetary economy of the university of applied sciences.

The exercise floor: a great step towards making toddlers more active throughout the day

Many children don’t exercise as much as they should for their health.

An examination process to be proud of

Engagement and a desire to improve things is very important.

Mutual disdain between researchers from universities of applied sciences and research universities

Collaboration between universities of applied sciences and research universities in the area of research is far from perfect.

Back on Track Education Schedule programme takes stock

“We had to deal with some critical issues and we aren’t quite there yet, but people trust the overall process.”

Faculty Office and Education: Stronger Together

Faculty Offices like to work together with degree programmes, so it’s ideal when a team leader is active in both areas.

Pilot for Internship and Graduation Process Ready to Start

“It’s quite an investment, but the results will be worth it.”

Participation staff member HRM great success

“You know that as a department you are contributing to a better society. It greatly enriches your outlook on life.”