Good afternoon. We are the Board of Trustees.

The boards are dealing more and more with substantive issues.

Co-determination: ‘If you want to change things, you should stand for election’

Lecturers Hetty van Dijk and Marjolein Baauw notice that students still aren’t that interested in the issue of participating in Staff and Student Councils.

Elections for Staff and Student Councils: ‘I want the voice of students to be heard’

Lisanne van Dijk, Eva Ballieux and Wouter Stout plan to stand as candidates for their Degree Programme Advisory Committee.

New FM ‘wing’ officially opened

Renovation of Facility Management housing offers more multifunctional spaces that align with the curriculum of the degree programme, teaching methods and communication.

Elections for Staff and Student Councils: ‘I was critical about my education and wanted change’

Students and staff on the soapbox to promote Staff and Student Councils.

The election circus

This week, Leonard and I are both writing a blog on the same subject.

Research & counterforce

The General Council has been discussing the research policy with the Executive Board for the past nine months, but has not yet reached agreement.