ISO launches new website for students’ complaints

Students often get lost in a maze trying to find out where to lodge complaints. This is why the ISO and the Landelijk Studenten Rechtsbureau (national student legal advice bureau) are launching a special website today.

The number of complaints has never been so high, reports the Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg, the largest national student organisation in the Netherlands, glancing at news from the Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau, an press agency specialised in national news in the higher education and university sectors. Even its own legal advice bureau, the LSR, has received more complaints over the last few years.

This is why the organisations are launching the website today containing information about students’ rights. The website will enable students to see who to approach for complaints, for example the Examination Appeals Board, at a glance. They will also be able to access the Students’ Charter and the Education and Examination Rules and Regulations.

This initiative has Minister Bussemaker’s full support. “Students are independent and are able to speak up and stand up for themselves. But they should know their rights, even if they are not students of law.”

The ISO and Landelijk Studenten Rechtsbureau are launching the website, containing information about students’ rights, today.

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