Students present their plans for a climate-proof square

Collaboration in interdisciplinary groups reflects the trend in professional practice.

Blended Learning Weeks a resounding success

Learning by working with, watching and listening to other lecturers.

Joris van der Sandt (Applied Physics) wins 2018 NNV Young Talent Award for Applied Sciences

Joris demonstrated his knowledge of the entire process ranging from hard electronics to perfecting a system for users.

Sustainable Packaging Knowledge Institute (Kennisinstituut Duurzaam Verpakken) working together with THUAS

The field of sustainable packaging will be further developed in higher education

Players‘ agent talks about sports ethics

A peek into the world of elite sports

Debate on clothing as disposable products

Students examine the effects of fast fashion.

Grip on the future

Which IT innovations will be important for marketing and sales in the coming time?

European Studies conference tries to tune in to a noisy Europe

European Studies sheds light on European issues.

Lecturers European Studies publish edited book: ‘Sex in the Digital Age’

The book ‘Sex in the Digital Age’ recognises the importance of new digital spaces for discourses surrounding sexuality.