Tips for taking a minor abroad

“Step out of your comfort zone. You will find out that the world has so much more to offer than you have discovered so far.”

THUAS implements IKUDU

The project is aimed at online collaboration between students in South Africa and four European countries.

Faculty Office and Education: Stronger Together

Faculty Offices like to work together with degree programmes, so it’s ideal when a team leader is active in both areas.

Completion of project block 4; Human Kinetic Technology

On Thursday 27 June, first-year students of the Human Kinetic Technology degree programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences completed “project block 4” at Basalt.

Training for Philippine judges

Training organised by the Academy of Master’s & Professional Courses and the Faculty of Public Management, Law & Safety.

IVK lecturers teach a workshop on Curaçao

This was an educational and fruitful exchange for both sides.

Advancing Internationalisation at Home: 5 key insights

Read a summary of five of the key topics and the insights for the future of Internationalisation at Home that emerged from them.

‘All your dreams will come true’

THUAS delegation pays a fruitful visit to the Spanish university

Democracy and environment: from ‘yellow vests’ to ‘extinction rebellion’

Can democratic governments solve environmental problems?