THUAS Matching Days are the final piece of the new study choice trajectory

“At the end of the day we all share the same goal: increase enrolment and reduce the dropout rate.”

Hospitality entrepreneur helps graduates

“It’s exciting to help students become entrepreneurs”

Flexible studies at THUAS

The rapidly changing labour market demands flexible part-time education.

Yearly conclusion of the Buddy Project HBO Nursing at The Hague University of Applied Sciences

“This about the connection between young and old, with students learning from the older generation and the seniors enjoying extra visits.”

Quick test for motor skills

“Because the foundations of motor skills are laid in primary education.”

Digitisation calls for additional training

“IT touches all aspects of our society and changes the knowledge and skills required in almost all occupations.”

An internship with international impact

“I’m applying the expertise I acquired during my degree programme to make a real impact. This gives me a real sense of satisfaction”.

Just a moment with Mbaimbai Fhatuwani Moses (2/2)

“If that means I can help the community, I have found my dream job”

The final push towards your first job

You are at the point of graduating. The world is your oyster. That world, however, does require you to know how to create a strong profile for yourself on LinkedIn and during a job interview.

Step out of your silo and create room for partnerships

Sandra connects education, research and businesses in the Dutch Innovation Factory. This puts THUAS firmly on the map as a networking university of applied sciences