‘PVV’ wins the debate competition between Communication students

Students learn to think based on the core values of an organisation, which may not necessarily be theirs.

Just a moment with Diam Dutour Geerling

Through his part-time job, Diam noticed how very few places are actually clean.

Wise lessons for the 21st century

What could be nicer than algorithms that help you to make the right study choice or to make friends. However, these also have a dark side.

Participation councils: looking for diverse candidates

We are looking for more diversity in the participation councils.

Renovating for better education

A behind-the-scenes look at the project team accommodations.

Minor about the promise of blockchain

Companies, officials and students: everyone is interested in blockchain.

Feedback by digital totem

The digital totem will provide direct student feedback.

Masterclass clarifies global citizenship

Together staff members develop a working definition of global citizenship.