5 tips to have a great introduction week

5 tips to have a great introduction week

Learning to surf

5 tips from Marketing student and surfer Pepijn Tigges

Just a moment with Connie Dock

“College wasn’t really discussed in my family when I was growing up.”

Educating students to be headstrong global citizens

“We want to make students aware of who they are and what they want to contribute to sustainable development throughout the world.”

‘Zukunft Deutschland’ has also been noticed outside of THUAS

“Germany offers our students many opportunities. It would be unfortunate if that went unnoticed.”

The target audience takes centre stage in the student arena

Chris and Renate are changing education by really listening as a team to students in a student arena.

New research group will study the value of sport in the Hague neighbourhoods

“I believe it’s important to connect people to their community through sports. That is my main focus for this research group.”

Just a moment with Claudia Bulnes

Learning, discovering and understanding different cultures has made my life a lot richer.

THUAS Matching Days are the final piece of the new study choice trajectory

“At the end of the day we all share the same goal: increase enrolment and reduce the dropout rate.”

Hospitality entrepreneur helps graduates

“It’s exciting to help students become entrepreneurs”