Sailing trip brings the circular economy closer to home

There were no distractions. Everyone had a different study background. We all contributed from our own perspective.

Just a moment with Patrick Jansen

“Ninety percent of the year I go to work by skateboard.”

Geriatric Care & Ageing Trade Mission in China with Minister de Jonge

Our knowledge and the construction of our knowledge infrastructure gained a lot of recognition. On the other hand, we can also learn many things from the Chinese.

Improve the world together

One Young World will be in London this year

THUAS graduate Yvette Watson makes a difference with the circular economy

Saving the world and making a difference. That is the common thread in the life of Yvette Watson.

Just a moment with Yubily Anais Oduber

“The Olympic logo is hanging up in my room. My big dream is to one day coach at the Olympics.”

Give lecturers control over their own evaluations

Walter, Eva and Marcel give lecturers control over their evaluations. Now that is a healthy quality cycle.

‘It’s good to be an agent of change in the African community’

I hoped that with all the surrounding publicity I could share my opinion on inclusion and diversity.

First doubts, now satisfaction with new workspace

“We have three quiet workspaces and one silent area. People more or less have their own regular spots, but you cannot claim these.”