The Week of Integrity

Fraud, theft, also ‘taking’ a pen from work or cheating during an exam.

The guardian angels of THUAS

A student blacks out and falls off a chair. The fire alarm goes off.

Zuiderpark Sports Campus Wins Architectural Prize

Renowned architect firm FaulknerBrowns is thrilled.

5 tips for more happiness at work

If someone were to ask you if you are happy at work, would you answer a resounding yes?

The Floating Coconet removes plastic from rivers

“We are in our twenties and still have a whole life ahead of us on this planet.”

Relay #05: discussing Internationalisation at Home

About inclusiveness and the role of language.

A small sphere to resolve a huge global problem

“When you think in solutions, you can make a difference.”

Just a moment with Jason Stewart

Looking back, I regret the fact that I was trying to be like Brad Pitt more than the fact that I told her I loved her.

Mission Zero Centre of Expertise launches new coin

The Mission Zero Coin is causing quite a stir in the monetary economy of the university of applied sciences.