Do you know exactly how your smartphone works?

Because can we actually trust our devices?

Relay #08: discussing the role of the SDGs

About connecting Design Thinking

New & improved OnStage: win-win for students and lecturers

Which process steps still need to be completed is both transparent and clear to both internship and graduation supervisors and students.

Circular construction in miniature

Second-year Architecture and Construction Engineering students from THUAS accepted a commission from Bouwend Nederland to design a tiny office in Leiden.

Just a moment with Just Koolmees (2/2)

‘Not being yourself will make you unhappy. You can only be the best version of yourself by being yourself.’

Just a moment with Just Koolmees (1/2)

‘My motto is “Just be you”. I haven’t always succeeded in that’.

Taskforce Diversity almost complete with the addition of two new lecturer members

An inclusive campus starts with a safe and open climate for employees and students.

F&IT 2020: Better education through better support services

“It’s part of our profession that we do our work behind the scenes.”

A student in need of support? Fellow students are here to help

“We’d also like to launch the same type of model in other faculties in order to help more students. Our ultimate goal is to introduce it throughout the entire university of applied sciences.”

Mindfulness Training

“Mindfulness teaches you to be attentive. And in the whirlwind of distractions nowadays, focus is the new luxury.”