Public transport fine: only if you really travel

In 2018, students will no longer be fined for an expired student travel card unless they actually use it. This was decided yesterday by the Lower House.

Oversight leads to €400 public transport fine

Students are still not being properly alerted to the high fines they will have to pay if they don’t invalidate their expired student travel card.

PvdA and VVD: fine rack renters

The two governing political parties think housing owners who charge too much rent should be dealt with more harshly. As it stands now, they can overcharge and simply get away with it.

‘Pathfinder’ points refugee students in the right direction

For many refugee students, finding their way around in Dutch society and our education system can be really tough. A newly developed online tool should help.

Minister does not tolerate experimenting with quality of education

Students may certainly have a greater say in their education, says Minister Bussemaker, as long as it does not jeopardise their education. ‘The next generation of students also needs to get a good education.’

You may keep undeservedly received housing benefit

Students who have undeservedly received housing benefit need not fear that the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration will reclaim it later. This was promised by Minister Blok.

Final list: fewer quotas at universities of applied sciences

The coming academic year will see a great reduction in degree programmes using a numerus fixus. In universities of applied sciences, this is a decrease of 60 percent – even more than had been predicted.

Cabinet launches attack on internship abuse

Many interns are being exploited and should actually be paid for their work. Lodewijk Asscher, the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment, writes that the Cabinet wants to tackle internship abuse.

University of Applied Sciences student creates “Tinder” for study choices.

A student from the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences has created an app for students making their study choices.