Institutional accreditation is a step closer

Minister Van Engelshoven is keen on the idea of allowing educational institutions to audit their own degree programmes.

There is no such thing as ‘one’ BSA

Minister Van Engelshoven commissioned a study to see how the BSA works in practice. It appears that institutions’ policies differ greatly.

Student wellness study: wait and see or get to work?

Upon the request of Parliament, they will create a quantitative benchmark to assess the psychological problems of students.

The University of Applied Sciences Study Guide will be published

Although the universities of applied sciences don’t want to participate in correcting the National Study Survey 2019, there will be a new edition of the Study Guide next year.

Minister makes participation in NSS mandatory

Minister Van Engelshoven wants to legally mandate all universities and universities of applied sciences to participate in the National Student Survey.

Educational institutions deeply divided by Van Rijn’s funding shifts

Should research universities and universities of applied sciences significantly invest in their beta domain, at the expense of alfa, gamma and medical, or should they ignore the recommendation made by Van Rijn?

New RIVM study about study stress

A stream of alarming reports revealed that students seem to be experiencing increasing levels of stress and burn-out.

National Student Survey can still be saved

2019 National Student Survey (NSS) doesn’t have to go straight in the bin. The CBS still sees possibilities for rectifying the data.

Debt statement makes it difficult to lie about student loan

It will soon be almost impossible to keep quiet about your student debt to get a higher mortgage.