No Flex Programme

Floris felt like a guinea pig.

You discover yourself with someone else

Karel bikes with his son and learns something about himself.

This Brainwashing Balderdash

Young people need to be exposed to different opinions if they ever want to achieve adulthood.

You’re not just an intern!

At the end of his internship, Fady provides a few more good tips.

From – to +

Cultivate your weaknesses until they become strong and wonderful strengths!

Suspension of this Belief

We need to do more to help students stop and think about the stories they hear and to ask more critical questions.

How many credits is your happiness worth?

Floris learns about happiness.

Moving around in your social life

Montana Sazias took a gap year before starting European Studies. This academic year she is blogging about her experiences as a first-year student at THUAS.