Working on Dutch identity

The recent elections and the preceding election debates demonstrate that the us-versus-them mentality is still alive and well.

Week 2

During March artist Mercedes Azpilicueta and Jacco van Uden, head of the Change Management research group at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, are exchanging their practices.

Trash Talk

In CSR, part of our daily activity is talking about waste.

If I were in Pechtold’s shoes

In the past, I went along with the political establishment in saying that groups like IS and Al-Qaeda had nothing to do with Islam.

Dismissal & counterforce

A wave of job resignations is sweeping through our university of applied sciences.

En route to the polls

I saw a fascinating report last week in De Wereld Draait Door.


Visions and ideals are not popular in politics. Our Prime Minister believes that the role of politics is first and foremost to solve problems.

Academic success and what we can learn from primary schools

‘At the start of the academic year, I can immediately tell which students will pass my course and which ones won’t,’ claimed a lecturer last week during one of my meetings with 100 lecturers. Another lecturer was irritated by this.