An examination process to be proud of

Engagement and a desire to improve things is very important.

On the road with Geluk #05: THiNKFeST, centres of expertise and life long development

In this vlog: the life long development with the Economic Board Zuid-Holland, meeting the student panel and THiNKFEST

Choose your own adventure

It shouldn’t be about an arbitrary idea of what’s better but about what’s better for YOU.

It’s time for something new

We achieve the best results by working together.

On the road with Geluk #04: sustainable plans by students and Sander Mertens

In this vlog: the municipality of Westland visits the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer for inspiration, Spatial Development students pitch their sustainable ideas, and the inaugural speech by Sander Mertens.

Spread the air travel shame

Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling of taking the time for a beautiful trip?

“Nobody said anything so I assume everyone agrees”

“Sometimes minor adjustments result in greatly improved satisfaction and quality, for example by sharing experiences more frequently and learning from each other.”

On the road with Geluk #03: Unesco, Eveke and promotion

In this vlog: Unesco School Day 2019, the first meeting of the University Participation Council, congratulations to Eveke de Louw and life long learning.

Hearts are sinking across the Netherlands

Almost all large universities of applied sciences received a negative assessment for their plans for the resources from the student loan system.

On the road with Geluk #02: Prinsjesdag and in conversation with students

In this vlog: Prinsjesdag (Prince’s Day), the kick-off of the participation council year and in conversation with students about the Student Panel.